Mike Sung Photography
The void 05.jpg

The Void Within

Eyeshock - The Vision of Young Asian Artists -

5th Base London Gallery
23 Heneage Street, E1 5LJ London, United Kingdom

Jan 8, 2015 - Jan 13, 2015

When was the last time that you give everything whole heartedly, with all the desire only to get any step closer to the one that you care from the bottom of your heart? The Void is the status when you have given all, entirely everthing of whatever you have ever had. The series does not answer any bit, but hangs the question to be thought for the viewers. Desire, is not just in the object, or the single factor, but the whole context that lies within. Chances are, the more attachment you have in mind, the stronger the void it fills full into your heart. The intention is to strikes the viewers’s eyes with the rich images.

Makeup/ Sophie Liu