Mike Sung Photography

To See or to be Seen.


Model: Viktoria, Anastasia
MUA: Jenny Tseng Makeup Artistry
Photographer: Mike Sung
Assistant: Ted Chen

As you may have lived this way, you cannot remember, when it was, and you cannot get rid off. You don’t know, as it is called matrix, such amazing similarity is there within your sight, not your observation. Like you see something without reading.

If you think of technology as a tool, Martin would not agree with you. Without a spectator, truth cannot be made. In essence, technology is revealing, and it is such a deep reflection of desire. Devoured into rhizomatic glitch, and humanity is addicted to it, but divided into fractals. Subjectivity is no where to be found, but if it is, the question lingers on and on, ‘What is water?’