Mike Sung Photography

Maybe There Is No Soul

From the formation of human being, he wonders how we ‘woke up’ from all the carbon atoms, water, and boom there was lighting , there is consciousness, and life? From the existence of life, and evolution and mutation makes us. One of a kind as we assume, we cannot just know, so we have the right to feel: the texture of our skin, the rocks and the road, the river brings the water we drink cool.

Meanwhile, the myths, stories, and others’ experience have been told wildly here and there about spirits. Our spirits exists, as we are able to read these text, think and ask, right? But very long before this enlightenment, it was even theorised before we had consciousness, there was some voice resonating in our brains to guide us. Fire, shelter and to cook. From the cages we walked out to sow. Are we planting or are we being planted by the environment? These happenings of life are either big and small, and taking place all at the same time... How do we find the sky full of stars poetic? How do we find the kisses of lovers romantic? How do we make people say truth?

None of these are yet to be laughed, by the people from the future, who possibly know the answers, while there is maybe no future, as the flow of time might be a circulation itself. Do the nerve system and the piece of cerebral cortex as if memory sticks forms our personalities and the rest of everything?

Maybe there is no soul.

Model/ Jia Lin
Makeup and Hair/ Yiyi Tien
Style/ Joyce Ting, Yen Ning Wu